You won’t believe its gluten free!

Nothing warms up our home better than Mrs. PTvAvM’s baking.  Our senses have been indulged by the aroma, texture, and hearty taste of bread rolls.


You better believe that’s *real* butter on the plate. We don’t mess around here with the fake stuff.

If you hadn’t read the title header, and we put away all the ingredients, I’m pretty sure you would not have guessed these were gluten and wheat free, as claimed by one who enjoys wheat and gluten-laden (mmmmm Gluten) products.  Oh..and it’s also egg free.  How does the baker do it?

I’m not the resident baking expert, but I do know that the Pamela’s Products Amazing Wheat Free & Gluten-free Bread Mix[*] has become quite the versatile pantry staple to meet the wheat allergy and gluten sensitivities. Loaf breads, rolls, and pizza dough has been borne from this orange bag.

The cha-cha-cha Chia Seeds(Nutiva Organic)[*] act as a good egg replacement for our featured bread. The resultant rolls have that convincing squish to round out the delicious butter delivery medium.


Oh darn that slice of butter is too much for one roll, I have to get a second roll to not waste any butter.


The Pamela’s Products Amazing Wheat Free & Gluten-free Bread Mix[*] has risen (haha) to the challenge of our household’s wheat allergies and gluten sensitivities.  Believe me, we’ve tried many off-the-shelf bread products that were practically overpriced tasteless coasters.  It got to the point were I finally declared that nobody should expect any gluten-free “alternative” to be remotely near its purported target replacement, and better to just go without.  I haven’t met Pamela personally, but she’s apparently figured out how to get it right.

Since I’m the resident cook, I can contribute that the Bread Mix also sits in well for “all purpose flour” in making roux, adding into sauces, or coating meats for breading.  Which brings us to…

The Nutiva Organic Chia Seeds[*] (plus water) have been the standby for eggs when called for as an ingredient.  (No claims being made on making an omelet using chia seeds mix).  It serves well for the Mrs’ baking.  I’ve used it successfully for dredging floured chicken and fish for breading.  It seems to work well as an adhesive binding agent.

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