P Tv Av M is a photo and photography blog founded  to share eye catching photos as a segue to discuss the subject of photos, and impart some photography knowledge, tools, tips, and tricks from my photography hobby.

Reoccurring themes in my photos that I hope to share include family, landscape & travel destinations, food, and various object shoots.

There are many comprehensive resources to cover the art & science of photography and thoroughly test and review equipment using a battery of instruments and lab studios.  This site will not to even pretend to be on those sites, but rather offer my personal practical experiences in the hand of capturing pictures, and perhaps dive into how to make what’s in the photo.  (e.g. I could show how I took that close-up plated food shot, then go and give some pointers on making entree at home).

The Author

I’ve been a photo enthusiast of some stripe ever since about pre-school age.  I grew up with a shutterbug father and a family full of other photography heads.  I started off with a focus-free point-and-shoot 35mm film camera that my dad got from one of his annual work service awards when I was about 5, and followed my dad a lot with his Canon A1 kit.
–Joe Winn


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