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The unwelcome widow

The hot summer is upon us and since our recent (rare) storm, there’s been a stronger presence of bugs around the home.  I’m usually not phased by the usual insects and spiders, but this kind is a bit unsettling when … Continue reading

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Staging Platforms from the Thrift Store

For purposes of photographing food, I’ve been in search of some bowls and plates to use instead of our daily Target white glazed stone or matte blue IKEA pieces, for cheap..since is a low-budget operation. A visit to the … Continue reading

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Algorithms of closet management

A forward to maintain relevance to this site: Photos featured in this post were annotated using The GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) Most everyone has a clothing storage facility, such as a closet, wardrobe furniture or plain rack.  The clothing … Continue reading

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