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Cookies are Delicious Delicacies

Best snack while working!

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You won’t believe its gluten free!

Nothing warms up our home better than Mrs. PTvAvM’s baking.  Our senses have been indulged by the aroma, texture, and hearty taste of bread rolls. If you hadn’t read the title header, and we put away all the ingredients, I’m … Continue reading

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Fish Fry (cá chiên)

Tonight’s meal is a throw-back to the family culture brought over from the old country where fish is plentiful and rice abounds.  With the hot/humid culture, a fry means less time with yet another heat source. The aroma of fish … Continue reading

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Easy Baked Salmon Dinner

With Mrs. PTvAvM’s suggestion on adding more fish for the family menu, we obtained some salmon from the local warehouse shop and turned half of it into tonight’s dinner.  (the other half of the salmon is in the freezer). This … Continue reading

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Museum with a View

In the spirit of exploring the (somewhat) backyard, we made it out to The Getty Museum, or as my son was calling it, the “spaghetti” museum. The Getty features a wide collection of historical and/or artistic artifacts, as well as … Continue reading

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