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ChromeOS – the one that opens the door for many?

After food and shelter needs have been met, access to computing resources is quite the requiem for participation in today’s economy. Fortunately, access is continuing to be more affordable. Continue reading

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Get out of the (green) box

If there’s one single camera setting I’d advise against using, it would be the “Full Auto” mode – usually indicated by a green box, a green camera icon, and/or “AUTO” on the mode dial. This isn’t about photography elitism.  Its … Continue reading

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A Diffusely Lit Chicken Adobo

One of our quick set-and-forget meals is chicken adobo, via slow cooker.  Especially fast this time considering we threw together the onions, ginger, soy sauce, and rice vinegar along with frozen chicken thighs into the slow cooker set to HI … Continue reading

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Why a Polarizing filter should be in your go bag.

In making the last featured meal, I had taken a shot of our rice cooker, positioned to the side of our sink which is in front of a window. Immediately notice that between the two samples, the photo taken with … Continue reading

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Basic operating principles of cameras

A brief hand hand-sketched overview on how cameras work: This post is my attempt to explain how the most fundamental parts play together inside a lens/camera and how they contribute to the resultant photo.  Certainly use this as a starting … Continue reading

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