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Green Grape Tasting Bunny Rabbits

My sincere thanks to Jacques Pépin for inspiring today’s post.  Jacques has always been a reliable foodie source for recipes and techniques, and cutting grapes into bunnies is no exception: With our handy Victorinox Swiss Classic 4-Inch Paring Knife [*], … Continue reading

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Museum with a View

In the spirit of exploring the (somewhat) backyard, we made it out to The Getty Museum, or as my son was calling it, the “spaghetti” museum. The Getty features a wide collection of historical and/or artistic artifacts, as well as … Continue reading

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My arts skills (or lack there of)

My son wanted to draw together before bed this evening. I had already pondered on this revelation of my arts skills recently, but this captures it best: Our son is of preschool age, and has a good grasp of shapes … Continue reading

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