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Thank you for reading my photo/photography page.  My satisfaction comes from these pages serving you well.  I hope that the information from my practical hands-on experiences are valuable to you, your family, and friends.

This site participates in one or more referral programs (outlined below) by linking to some products mentioned in this site’s content.  The idea is if you happen to like the same things I’ve mentioned, my big ask is that you use my links when you decide to purchase those items, OR any other items that merchant sells that you happen to purchase on your own, be it cameras/accessories, t-shirts, diapers, coffee, etc.  It’ll cost you nothing extra and this site (and my family) benefits from the referred merchant compensating for the referral.

I only link and recommend products I personally use and/or have positive remarks towards.  In addition, I only refer to vendors that likewise I’ve used to my satisfaction and trust.

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–Joe Winn

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This site (P Tv Av M) participates in the following referral program(s):

  • Amazon Associates Program
    • We personally use Amazon for a lot of what comes into our home.  I feel they are a well known and reputable online merchant and have no hesitation for recommending them.  I’m also guessing our readers likely already have an account with Amazon.

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