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Cheap Closeups with Reverse Macro

Don’t own a macro lens, but want to fake it anyway? Take your lens, and carefully hold the front end of the lens against the lens mount of the camera.  Get real close to what you want to shoot “macro”. … Continue reading

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Get out of the (green) box

If there’s one single camera setting I’d advise against using, it would be the “Full Auto” mode – usually indicated by a green box, a green camera icon, and/or “AUTO” on the mode dial. This isn’t about photography elitism.  Its … Continue reading

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Gỏi cuốn, almost like home

Nothing brings family together year round (but especially on warm lazy days) like cold served gỏi cuốn. Today’s dish was staged on our granite counter-top in our modern-day designed kitchen with typical high-volume builder-grade overhead can lighting.  To avoid unwanted … Continue reading

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Basic operating principles of cameras

A brief hand hand-sketched overview on how cameras work: This post is my attempt to explain how the most fundamental parts play together inside a lens/camera and how they contribute to the resultant photo.  Certainly use this as a starting … Continue reading

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