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Cheap Closeups with Reverse Macro

Don’t own a macro lens, but want to fake it anyway? Take your lens, and carefully hold the front end of the lens against the lens mount of the camera.  Get real close to what you want to shoot “macro”. … Continue reading

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What toy cars teach about car ownership expectations

My son is a fan of Hot Wheels [*] and similar branded die cast model cars. This red 21 SUV has been a favorite. When he wasn’t paying attention, I borrowed it for some close up shots. This truck is … Continue reading

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Green Grape Tasting Bunny Rabbits

My sincere thanks to Jacques Pépin for inspiring today’s post.  Jacques has always been a reliable foodie source for recipes and techniques, and cutting grapes into bunnies is no exception: With our handy Victorinox Swiss Classic 4-Inch Paring Knife [*], … Continue reading

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A Diffusely Lit Chicken Adobo

One of our quick set-and-forget meals is chicken adobo, via slow cooker.  Especially fast this time considering we threw together the onions, ginger, soy sauce, and rice vinegar along with frozen chicken thighs into the slow cooker set to HI … Continue reading

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Spring Blossoms

There’s a buzz around the blooming bushes around the home.  

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Dinner’s ready…we’re having sushi!

Sushi has been a household favorite.   Being the frugal family we reserved the restaurant sushi for special occasions and went with store bought for the occasional easy meal.  However, our fondness of sushi has grown much more since we started … Continue reading

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Ladybug in the weeds

Its spring time and the weeds are aggressively sprouting up.  Working through weeding this morning, I came across this little bug: Good thing I saw the little one before pulling out the weed it was on.

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Honey Tamari Chicken …and Welcome!

Let’s cut right into the cold open: Dinner from last night.  New recipe tested and approved for future meals! Discounting the time to thaw/marinate the chicken itself, cook time was about 30 minutes.  So with a little advance prep, this … Continue reading

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