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Gỏi cuốn, almost like home

Nothing brings family together year round (but especially on warm lazy days) like cold served gỏi cuốn. Today’s dish was staged on our granite counter-top in our modern-day designed kitchen with typical high-volume builder-grade overhead can lighting.  To avoid unwanted … Continue reading

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Green Grape Tasting Bunny Rabbits

My sincere thanks to Jacques Pépin for inspiring today’s post.  Jacques has always been a reliable foodie source for recipes and techniques, and cutting grapes into bunnies is no exception: With our handy Victorinox Swiss Classic 4-Inch Paring Knife [*], … Continue reading

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Staging Platforms from the Thrift Store

For purposes of photographing food, I’ve been in search of some bowls and plates to use instead of our daily Target white glazed stone or matte blue IKEA pieces, for cheap..since is a low-budget operation. A visit to the … Continue reading

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You won’t believe its gluten free!

Nothing warms up our home better than Mrs. PTvAvM’s baking.  Our senses have been indulged by the aroma, texture, and hearty taste of bread rolls. If you hadn’t read the title header, and we put away all the ingredients, I’m … Continue reading

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Fish Fry (cá chiên)

Tonight’s meal is a throw-back to the family culture brought over from the old country where fish is plentiful and rice abounds.  With the hot/humid culture, a fry means less time with yet another heat source. The aroma of fish … Continue reading

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Easy Baked Salmon Dinner

With Mrs. PTvAvM’s suggestion on adding more fish for the family menu, we obtained some salmon from the local warehouse shop and turned half of it into tonight’s dinner.  (the other half of the salmon is in the freezer). This … Continue reading

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Desserts Staging

Nothing like ending the day with a slice of satisfaction topped with more creamery and fresh berries. Staging this shot reminded me that I’m definitely not an expert at food plating (I can hear family in the pastry business screaming … Continue reading

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A Diffusely Lit Chicken Adobo

One of our quick set-and-forget meals is chicken adobo, via slow cooker.  Especially fast this time considering we threw together the onions, ginger, soy sauce, and rice vinegar along with frozen chicken thighs into the slow cooker set to HI … Continue reading

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Dinner’s ready…we’re having sushi!

Sushi has been a household favorite.   Being the frugal family we reserved the restaurant sushi for special occasions and went with store bought for the occasional easy meal.  However, our fondness of sushi has grown much more since we started … Continue reading

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Honey Tamari Chicken …and Welcome!

Let’s cut right into the cold open: Dinner from last night.  New recipe tested and approved for future meals! Discounting the time to thaw/marinate the chicken itself, cook time was about 30 minutes.  So with a little advance prep, this … Continue reading

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