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Why a Polarizing filter should be in your go bag.

In making the last featured meal, I had taken a shot of our rice cooker, positioned to the side of our sink which is in front of a window. Immediately notice that between the two samples, the photo taken with … Continue reading

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Dinner’s ready…we’re having sushi!

Sushi has been a household favorite.   Being the frugal family we reserved the restaurant sushi for special occasions and went with store bought for the occasional easy meal.  However, our fondness of sushi has grown much more since we started … Continue reading

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Basic operating principles of cameras

A brief hand hand-sketched overview on how cameras work: This post is my attempt to explain how the most fundamental parts play together inside a lens/camera and how they contribute to the resultant photo.  Certainly use this as a starting … Continue reading

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My arts skills (or lack there of)

My son wanted to draw together before bed this evening. I had already pondered on this revelation of my arts skills recently, but this captures it best: Our son is of preschool age, and has a good grasp of shapes … Continue reading

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So, who’s leading who?

The girl and I walking around outside this morning. If there’s one life worthy tip to get from this blog it is this: cherish every moment you can while you can.  (and take as many photos/videos along the way).  Tomorrow, … Continue reading

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Ladybug in the weeds

Its spring time and the weeds are aggressively sprouting up.  Working through weeding this morning, I came across this little bug: Good thing I saw the little one before pulling out the weed it was on.

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Honey Tamari Chicken …and Welcome!

Let’s cut right into the cold open: Dinner from last night.  New recipe tested and approved for future meals! Discounting the time to thaw/marinate the chicken itself, cook time was about 30 minutes.  So with a little advance prep, this … Continue reading

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