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Growing Season

Our studious pupil was overfilled with excitement when he found out his radish seeds started sprouting today. Its a great day indeed, not only for watching life science in real time, but also for a bio science project that is … Continue reading

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Cheap Closeups with Reverse Macro

Don’t own a macro lens, but want to fake it anyway? Take your lens, and carefully hold the front end of the lens against the lens mount of the camera.  Get real close to what you want to shoot “macro”. … Continue reading

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Happy Summer 2016!

Man its a hot start for the summer.  At least tonight we got a break in the overnight temps. This year’s Summer Solstice corresponds with a Strawberry Moon.  Check it out

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ChromeOS – the one that opens the door for many?

After food and shelter needs have been met, access to computing resources is quite the requiem for participation in today’s economy. Fortunately, access is continuing to be more affordable. Continue reading

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Get out of the (green) box

If there’s one single camera setting I’d advise against using, it would be the “Full Auto” mode – usually indicated by a green box, a green camera icon, and/or “AUTO” on the mode dial. This isn’t about photography elitism.  Its … Continue reading

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Keeping the temps low on the MasterRace

I had commented to a friend regarding his gaming PC’s CPU temps at the same time my “Lappy486” was encoding some videos, when I noticed that the core temperature of the i5-2520m was peaking at 97°C.  Fan was running full … Continue reading

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What toy cars teach about car ownership expectations

My son is a fan of Hot Wheels [*] and similar branded die cast model cars. This red 21 SUV has been a favorite. When he wasn’t paying attention, I borrowed it for some close up shots. This truck is … Continue reading

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Gỏi cuốn, almost like home

Nothing brings family together year round (but especially on warm lazy days) like cold served gỏi cuốn. Today’s dish was staged on our granite counter-top in our modern-day designed kitchen with typical high-volume builder-grade overhead can lighting.  To avoid unwanted … Continue reading

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Eclipse…of the moon, not the IDE.

Just like everyone else on the internets, an supermoon eclipse capture, courtesy of PTvAvM Taking photos at night requires longer exposure times, generally for longer than you can hand-hold the camera steady.  You could hi-ISO your way through it, but … Continue reading

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Green Grape Tasting Bunny Rabbits

My sincere thanks to Jacques Pépin for inspiring today’s post.  Jacques has always been a reliable foodie source for recipes and techniques, and cutting grapes into bunnies is no exception: With our handy Victorinox Swiss Classic 4-Inch Paring Knife [*], … Continue reading

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