What toy cars teach about car ownership expectations

My son is a fan of Hot Wheels [*] and similar branded die cast model cars. This red 21 SUV has been a favorite. When he wasn’t paying attention, I borrowed it for some close up shots.


IMG_6929ec IMG_6930ec IMG_6931ec IMG_6932ec

This truck is still very intact with strong axles, all wheels smoothly rotating, and retains a relatively good paint coverage despite being played well by a 4.5 year old since about 1.5 years old.  Even more impressive, is that I played with this same exact truck when I was about 4 years old.  My brother growing up also played with this car.  So this vehicle has at least a good 28 years life of traversing through thousands of inches of carpet, tile, wood, dirt, mulch, etc.

I suppose this longevity has instilled the “drive it to the ground” mentality when it comes to real car ownership.  –Yes, like this die cast car, I plan to also pass down my daily driver to my kids some day.

There’s really not too much more I can say about Hot Wheels [*] cars, seeing they and Matchbox are so prevalent in many homes. (Matchbox and Hot Wheels have been owned by Mattel since 1997). With an ASP of $1 per car, that 100 pennies affords practically a lifetime of play.

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