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In the spirit of exploring the (somewhat) backyard, we made it out to The Getty Museum, or as my son was calling it, the “spaghetti” museum.


The Getty features a wide collection of historical and/or artistic artifacts, as well as the campus itself being a specimen of architectural design.  Being situated on top of a hill, The Getty also features a lot of nice cityscape views of Los Angeles

View of Los Angeles, from one of many vista points at The Getty

View of Los Angeles, from one of many vista points at The Getty

With the young kids (preschooler and toddler) I think the highlight was the Family Center, where they had the chance to color their own paper masks, draw on a designated wall, and other handy exercises.


IMG_5675r IMG_5689r

As for the museum itself, we were able to cover just a sampling of the exhibits.

IMG_5615rUnderstandably considering that this museum displays items that are not practically reproducible one-in-existence, pretty much everything is a look and no touch.  Which kept the kids interest for maybe 5 minutes.  I tried to no avail to explain to our son who’s a fan of manufacturing/factory videos of his favorite toys the significance of a piece of work behind the ropes/glass made a long time ago by a person using their hands and basic tools, and not fabricated by injection molded plastic processes.

I guess for now we’ll stick to museums like the ones we’ve visited before, that seem to more easily capture our kids curious minds.

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