Easy Baked Salmon Dinner

With Mrs. PTvAvM’s suggestion on adding more fish for the family menu, we obtained some salmon from the local warehouse shop and turned half of it into tonight’s dinner.  (the other half of the salmon is in the freezer).

A hearty and healthy salmon platter

A hearty and healthy salmon platter

This meal came out tasty, and easy!  Read on…

I lined our trusty 8 Inch Square Glass Baking Dish[*] with aluminum foil, and coated with with a small amount of olive oil.  I then placed the salmon into the oil coated foil lined pan, and sprinkled a little sea salt, pepper, and garlic powder.  Flipped the fish and dressed the same sprinklings.  The loaded pan was then covered with aluminum foil and loaded into our daily driver Black & Decker Convection Toaster Oven[*] at 350°F for about 20 minutes, to get the flesh up to the US Dept. of Health & Human Services recommended 145°F internal temperature.

While the fish was baking, I fired up our Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless 2-Quart Saucepan[*] on the stove loaded with a shallow level of water, a steamer basket, and from-the-freezer Normandy Blend vegetables, until warm and soft. Served with rice.

Cleanup after dinner time was easiest for the salmon pan. Lift and dispose of aluminum foil. Since the lining foil was not punctured in production or service, the glass pan remained clean.

We’ve owned our Black & Decker Convection Toaster Oven[*] for several years now, to much satisfaction. This 6-slice toaster oven is a versatile mini-workhorse that we can use most days instead of firing up the large oven. It’s equipped with 4 linear burners (2 on top, 2 on bottom) and gets to temperature so quickly that I don’t bother with preheating.  The convection fan that activates for every mode except “Toast” helps move hot air around the oven box for improved heat distribution.  The oven rack and oven box is round-extended in the rear to handle a 12″ round pizza, or a couple extra waffles.  Said oven rack sits 1/2″ above or below the slider rail depending on orientation, and the oven box has 2 slider rails, providing a total of 4 height adjust points.

An excellent toaster oven companion has been our 8 Inch Square Glass Baking Dish[*] . It holds a sizable meal of meats like our featured meal, or a small casserole or other baked dish.  This baking dish fits easily into our 6-slice toaster, and fitted exactly into our previous 4-slice toaster oven.

Our Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless 2-Quart Saucepan[*] has been in our kitchen for a bit over a year now.  The Chef’s Classic Stainless line features a heat distributing aluminum disc fused on the bottom of the stainless steel pan.  This cookware design is an affordable alternative to tri-ply stainless steel clad aluminum/copper core designs (All-Clad being a favorite example).  The trade-offs between aluminum disc vs aluminum core is probably not as noticeable in a a saucepan that’s mostly used to boil liquids.   Since the 2qt saucepan has proven its durability in its tenure in the PTvAvM kitchen we recently obtained the 6-Quart Sauce Pot[*] from the same product portfolio.

For a cookware piece like a large saute pan that has a wide surface area on which heat needs to spread evenly, retain enough heat capacity while being able to quickly rise/fall with desired temperature changes, and not warp under heat, a good tri-ply clad aluminum core make definitely comes in handy.  Unfortunately, All-Clad is a premium make and doesn’t go on sale for retail-new.  However, you can sign up to be notified of their factory-seconds sales that occur throughout the year.

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